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we’re looking for helpful volunteers with a compassionate heart to support in our project . Volunteers are critical to the success of our foundation. we believe that education, advocacy and volunteerism are key to creating positive social change for HIV. Join our team of volunteers today and make a positive impact tomorrow.

Advisory board



Sean Howell : Co-Founder and President of Hornet Gay  Social Networks, San Francisco, USA.

Sean has extensive IT experience, and brings an 'entrepreneurial flair' to our Team, combined with great technical expertise in security and safety of data and IT Applications. Sean operates many Global HIV Projects. One being, Blue Ribbon Boy, to provide opportunities for the global community to hook up app users to become engaged around their sexual health. Also,his involvement to urge the global community to commemorate December 1st as World HIV Day.

His level headed approach to difficult 'problem solving' and his success in meeting huge challenges and objectives, provides a valuable strategic focus to our Team in the area of IT.


Ben Plumley : CEO Pangaea Global AIDS

Ben is a Graduate of Cambridge University, U.K. having extensive experience working formerly with USA Corporate giant Johnson and Johnson,and 'UNAIDS" a Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS.

Ben brings over 20 years experience with involvement in Private and Non-Profit Global Health matters. His experience encompasses specialities in key Public-Private Partnerships to strengthen community driven and human rights based HIV strategies. Furthermore, Ben has been active in New Product development and country level programme implementation


Thomas Cai :AIDS Care China

Thomas founded a community support group for people with HIV/AIDS in his hometown of Guangzhou, China. In 2007 he joined 'TREAT Asia's Asian Community for AIDS treatment. Since its inception, Thomas's Group, AIDS CARE CHINA, has expanded its core activities from being a shelter service for HIV/AIDS to now providing HIV/Aids care programme, counselling and treatment education centres in four Chinese Provinces.

The United Nations (UN) have recognised and granted a 'Red Ribbon Award" for its work supporting care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS. Thomas's success in China offers the Panel a relevant level of experience and advice in the support of our work.


Benjamin Leong :Managing Director CLJ Strategies

Ben has, for many years, been providing his expertise in the area of HIV prevention, as a Volunteer with other respected Individuals. He is currently Managing Director, CLJ Strategies

Ben's extensive experience and dedication to mitigating HIV/AIDS, particularly within the USA, provides the Foundation with a relevant level of expertise for our Advisory Board Team




Dr. Chowalit Khumjui: Medical Doctor

Graduate Diploma Program in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (International Program) from Naresuan University and Graduate Diploma Program in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (International Program) from Mahidol University. Then he spent 10 years working full-time at the hospital.


Mr. SARUN SAENSIRIPHAN: Lecturer Medical Technology at Prince of Songkla University

Graduate Medical Technology Degree from Khon Kaen University and Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) of Molecular Virology from Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea. Now she is a Medical Technology Lecturer at Prince of Songkla University. In addition to her experience conducting the STDs in MSM, she also leads a team of HIV specialists in giving vital information to high school students about STDs, PEP and PrEP. She also works with the Red Cross on Aids Research in MSM and HIV Screening Algorithms used in Men Who Have Sex With Men.


Mr. Panupong Intharajak: Pharmacist

Graduate Degree of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University in 2008. Now working at Fascino, The Healthcare Destination. He loves being a consultant, giving advice, being of service and being a team leader and developer. He enjoys reading and traveling.


Mr.Chakkrit jaidee: Pharmacist

Graduate Degree of Pharmacy from Naresuan University. Now working at Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok. Specialist on chemotherapy. Love to giving advice and take care patients with chronic. Spend free time with researching , enjoy reading book and meditation.

Mr.Thanyapat Charoenputtiattakul: Pharmacist

Graduate Degree of Pharmacy Program, and Master degree Major in Pharmacy Organization Management. For now spend full-time working at the hospital. Also work for other thailand pharmacy council.

Mr.Ekkarat Meephu: Pharmacist

Graduate Degree in Bachelor of Science Program in Pharmacy from Naresuan University. Specialist on Pharmaceutical Care. Then he spent 6 years working full-time at the Mhe FhaLuang university hospital.

Mr.Panotpol Rathpiboon: Medical Technology

Graduate Degree in Bachelor of Science Program in Medical Technology from rangsit university. He has 2 years work experience in Lab. Also plan to Continue study on Polymerase Chain Reaction. He enjoys reading and Music.

Mr.Suwicha Wittayakom: Medical Technology

Graduate Degree in Bachelor of Science Program in Allied Health Sciences - Medical Technology from Thammasat University. He began working for 7 years. He interests in health and reading. Now study japanese language

Mr.Yongyut Kosantear: Medical Technology

Graduate Degree in Bachelor of Science Program in Medical Technology from Walailak University, Nakhon si thammarat. worked in Lab and Testing Lab care for more than 4 years. loves being a consultant.

Mr.Korrarit Anansilp: Medical Technology

Graduate Degree in Bachelor of Science Program in Medical Technology from Mahidol University .He has 7 years work experience in lab.

Mr.Potcharadanai Seangking: Medical Technology

Graduate Degree in Bachelor of Science Program in Medical Technology from Walailak University,he spent 4 years working full-time at the Samui hospital. Love to researching on immunology and new technology. Also interest in AIDS Vaccine.

Ms. Kanyarat janthima: Medical Technology

Graduate Degree in Bachelor of Science Program in Medical Technology from Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, Bangkok. and Master Degree in Management from Ramkumhang University. worked in HIV Lab and Testing Lab care for more than 7 years. Her interests include health and running.


Ms. Nittaya Ritthaisong: Registered Nurse

Graduate Nursing Science Program, Faculty of Nursing from Naresuan University. After graduation, she worked at Paolo Hospital, Phaholyothin and worked in patient care for more than 10 years. Then she worked at Ruampat Rayong Hospital, Rayong Province, for about 4 years. Her interests include health and beauty and reading books and magazines.


Ms. Nipapan Chaitajak: Registered Nurse

Graduate Degree in Nursing from Saint Louis College, Bangkok. After graduation, she joined the Paolo team and started working in a hospital in 2005. She is interested in issues of disability, diversity, and mental health.


Ms. Phavadee Ruakaew: Registered Nurse

Graduate Bachelor of Nursing Science, College of Nursing, Christian University. She has 13 years work experience in nursing. She also participated in a higher Graduate Diploma Program.


Ms. Narintrip Naratee: Registered Nurse

Graduate Bachelor of Nursing Science from Boromarajonani College of Nursing. After graduation, she began working at a government hospital in Chiang Rai for 5 years. She enjoys reading, watching her favorite local sports teams, and spending time with her family.


Mrs. Ornthima Duangsuwan: Registered Nurse

Graduate Nursing Science Program from Boromarajonnani College of Nursing, Phayao in 1998. She now works at Maelao Hospital, Chiang Rai.


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  • Bangkok

-  Techonchote Anunchai
-  Thanachai Wichitwong
-  Thanachai Wichitwong
-  สิปปวิชญ์ สุขสาคร
-  Warunee Panwong
-  Mayuree Phuttawong

  • Chon Buri

-  Natthanan Thammarattananan
-  Phammarin Siripakpoomkul

  • Chiang Rai

-  Natthawut Palee
-  Jamrus Sa-at Muang
-  Saran Wijit
-  Witwisit Kantaprom
-  Ekkarat Meephu
-  Sarawut saensri
-  Pavaris Sanpa
-  Chonlathee  Chaichomphu
-  Sumit Suamphan
-  Saipin Wattana
-  Parichat Thongbuaruang
-  Phatcharaprapa Kaewsai

  • Chiang Mai

-  Teerasak Ruengsawat
-  Nathaphon  Suksathan
-  Apiluk Paksornsit
-  Jakkrit Pichadee
-  Prakasit Kanyarit
-  Pisanu Singsai
-  Natsaruj onta
-  Kritsanapak Hongtong
-  Krit Ngaomuang
-  Chaiwat wichaiwong
-  Chanonkarn intayoung
-  Kongpop suvannawong
-  Chakkapan Ounwichit
-  Vichayut Hansad
-  Suthi  Rungsri
-  Pongthep Watcharasakulkiat
-  Jade-nipat Youngs
-  Wachira Worajina
-  Narisara Jantra
-  Sahatcha Namtip

  • Tak

-  Pachata srisa-onglert
-  Jira Chaladthanyakij

  • Nakhon Phathom

-  Nutthapol Khruechao

  • Nakhon Phanom

-  Bhuvakorn Phanthuphan
-  Nutthapol  Phompinit

  • Nakhon Rathasima

-  Tea Sang-in
-  Natnarong Jariyapong
-  Tisawan Rongsopha
-  Natnarong Jariyapong
-  Tisawan Rongsopa

  •  Nan

-  Sattrawut jantapa

  • Pathumthani

-  Apisit leesakul
-  Chayakrin kerdphon

  • Phayao

-  Supanasak  Somsuan
-  Kittikorn meesuk
-  Narathiwat panya
-  Kannika Boonwong
-  Jaruwan Chaipanat
-  Nanthana Thananchai

  • Phitsanulok

-  Thanongsak  Nak-aim
-  Sitthikan Seemon

  • Phethaburi

-  Kitchata Pheechasongsanglap

  • Phrae

-  Manoon keawsomnuek
-  Weerapong weerakam
-  Nattawat Thingpraphai
-  Chaiwat Insaen

  • Rayong

-  Pongsakron seachua

  • Ratchaburi

-  Namchok mingsamon

  • Lam Phun

-  Manus Matthanthong
-  Kanyalak Taolom

  • Loei

-  Saksit Yohuang

  • Songkhla

-  Thaweesak damlea

  • Sukhothai

 -  Pokkawin puttan

  • Suphanburi

-  Somchok Hongthong

  • Surin

-  Paskorn phomkaew

  • Uttaradit

-  Teakayu Hongthong







Who will know

In 2013, AIDS Calgary Awareness Association (ACAA) became HIV Community Link (HIVCL). We are now located in Calgary, Medicine Hat and Brooks. Our focus remained on healthPROMOTION, increasing access to testing, delivering effective harm reduction programs, and reducing the stigma associated with HIV.

Since 1983, we have helped people learn about, prevent and live with HIV. We can’t ignore the fact that HIV exists, and that there is still no cure for this disease. However, there are many things we can do to prevent transmission and make life better for those who are infected and affected.


HIVCLPROMOTES the healthy choices people can make to reduce their risk of getting or spreading HIV. Let’s make sure the sex we’re having is safe. Let’s utilize harm reduction tools to minimize risk when engaging in injection drug use. Your sex, your life, your choices…just safer.

HIVCL works to reduce the harmful effects of HIV by providing programs and services that help people living with HIV make healthy choices and enjoy a better quality of life. We advocate for those living with HIV, battling misunderstandings and prejudice. We partner with our community to develop a caring and compassionate society.