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ระหว่างเรา (Between Us)

Early detection can make a difference in your treatment, the sooner you’re tested the better off you are and can make informed choices, for yourself and your partners. While there is no cure for HIV, getting tested often can help you stay healthy by getting the right treatment early. That treatment prolongs the lives of many people infected with HIV and lowers their chance of transmitting the virus.

When treated with antiviral therapy people can live long healthy lives with an HIV diagnosis.  HIV Positive members of our community are strong HIV treatment and prevention advocates.  Sharing your positive status can mean strength, empowerment and being an advocate against stigma.

Knowing your status and discussing the status of your sexual partner is how to make informed choices.  You can make decisions to get tested, and if positive find treatment, or if negative you may decide to take PreP to help prevent possible infection in yourself.  



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